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If You Want To Be "I - Investor" and
Earn DAILY Income "The LAZY - Do Nothing Way",

Then This Business Is For You!

Special Message from John Kielec!

I am full-time Network Marketer for over 24 years. I have always searched for the Best Ways to Earn REAL Income Online in the Easiest Way Possible and Provide what Majority of People Want to make their life More Enjoybale. Anyone can have the Financial Rewarding lnternet Life Style as I do, traveling the world with my portable office, doing the things that I want to do, working where ever and when ever I want. Take ACTION Today, join my Team and I will guide you to get there as well EASILY!

Recent Discovery While Traveling Europe!

While traveling Europe sometimes I meet people from different parts of the Europe. In the past many years I met many business owners and investors from European countries. This latest discovery has kind of shocked me as I have not heard of it in North America and it fits into my Lazy, Do Nothing category, the PASSIVE Way to Earn Cash. There are many such opportunities that offer that BUT most are just scams or Do Not Last Long Enough to be profitable. Before I release any of my found newest Passive Income Earners, I talk to the owners, sponsors, check the company and then I join. Next thing I do is to invest a small amount to see if they are paying. I also seek others who have received payments and look for real people testimonials. If all of that proves to be in place, only then I will invest larger cash from $500 up to $1000. This is the cash I do not like to loose but it will not hurt my financail situation if the worst happens.

YOTA - China's and Europe's #1 Investment Firm! Not yet is North America!

Yota.biz was introduced to me by european leader and eventually we got conected with English and Polish Yota Fianacial Consultant Marek Karolyi (Skype: marek@yota.biz) who is quietly earning very nice income from Yota. What was presented to me and as a experienced Networker I knew that Yota is the answer what people are looking for to earn income without advertising or sponsoring. When I heard it is so easy to join as there  are No Verification procedures, it's easy to invest, low cost to start, they pay daily from 1.5% up to 3% (Monday - Friday) and it's easy to withdraw (must have minimum of $35 in earnings to be able to withdraw). This company has kind of shocked me that is not known in North America. Here in Europe they say, we do very good with Yota in the European huge investment market. The company has its own main office in Hong Kong, China with licenses and all government certifications. I am the first one to introduce Yota to the North America market. Please take little time and watch the 2 videos below:

Yota.biz Earns Money Passively with Confindence.
The company is time-tested, fulfills its obligations, 4 years of impeccable work.
Money is earned and paid every day except the weekend.

This is the real deal! A life changing investment! 100% guaranteed!
Payment / withdraw: bitcoin, advcash, qiwi, perfect money, moneygram, payeer, tenpay
Paying since 2013! Initial deposit can be withdrawn any time. Minimum withdraw $35.
Money Back is Guaranteed! Minimum / Maximum Investment: $35 / $2500000

️QUICK START - 1.5% daily $35 - $299 (15 days)
️SYA - 1.8% daily $300 - $5999 (unlimited days)
SHAN - 2.2% daily $6000 - $19999 (unlimited days)
TSIN - 2.5% daily $20000 - $69999 (unlimited days)
HAN - 3% daily $70000 - $499999 (unlimited days)
MARA - 3.5% daily  $500000 - 25000000 (unlimited days)
✅1st level – 7% from the referral's daily income
✅2nd level – 5% from the referral's daily income
✅3rd level – 3% from the referral's daily income
✅4th level – 2% from the referral's daily income
✅5th level – 2% from the referral's daily income


I am the original Yota North America Sponsor - John S. Kielec (makefreedom)
I also got approved by Yota to be Yota.biz Canada/USA Financial Consultant!


Click on the link below To Join or Open Free Yota Account:

     North America Questions or Concerns?

  YOTA Main Head Office:
  Winway Building, 50 Wellington St,
  Hong Kong, China
  Phone: 852 5819 8984