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Update for > October 17/16:

DNP-ZAN-Team Account Stats for Monday, Oct.17/16!
We will be doing our 2nd batch of Shared Commission Payouts to those members who did not get paid yet will be paid out this week.

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We have stopped advertising our team at the beginning of June as ZAN was not paying out and there was some payment processor issues when they started this Revenue Share program. Also I must admit there was some misunderstanding issues on my part as well. The DNP along with ZAN have worked out the issues and everything seems to be working fine. I have made two small withdraws and got paid out to my PayToo account. It does take about another two weeks to get payment. ZAN is slow in payouts and many have stated that. My next issue is with the PayToo account but I am working this issue with them. I wish ZAN would have Payza and STP. You can fund the account using these two payment processors but payouts are done through PayToo.

VERY IMPORTANT - If You Purchased $50 of Ad Packs & Want Payout!

We have 70 Paid Members, I have list of some members who have verified that they have purchased at least $50 of ZAN ad packs to qualify for the DNP-ZAN-TEAM commission payouts. In ZAN-TEAM we have over 10,000 transaction to sort through to see who has spend at least $50. I am not going to go through that, I am once again will ask you (IF YOU WANT TO GET PAID) to email me your verification transaction id either from your payment or ZAN so I can place you in our Shared Commission Payout and figure out the rest of the payments that will be shared.

Please email with subject: DNP-ZAN-TEAM-50!
to >

Right now (as circled below in red), we have $336.7925 to be shared among members who did not get paid yet and have purchased at least $50 worth of ZAN ad packs. The payouts will be Transferred To Your ZAN account that has your email address listed in our team and the cash will come from our Available Balance. This is the cash that you can withdraw or you can repurchase ad packs.


NEXT ???, we have 6 members that would like to continue what we have started with the DNP-ZAN-TEAM. My opinion about ZAN as they stand right now is good. The earnings and payouts take long time but the system is very stable and will last a very long time. It was designed for the longevity and they have that. My question to all those paid members should we continue and start what we have started with DNP-ZAN-TEAM? Yes or No? You can reply to the email above with your comment.

Current Stats on the DANP-ZAN-TEAM Ad Packs:

We are currently using the REPURCHASE Balance ONLY to buy more ad packs. We leave the Pending Balance to wait out its 28 days and then it is added to our Available to Withdraw Balance. We have reached a status in ZAN where each day some cash is being added to our AWB.

At this time we are purchasing Level 5 Ad Packs to bring it to its maximum of 200, then we will go to the next level which does not have the max of 200.

Level 1 = 200
Level 2 = 200
Level 3 = 200
Level 4 = 200
Level 5 = 143 currently purchasing this level
Level 6 = 128
Level 7 = 177

Will be awaiting to hear your opinion and awaiting your minimum qualifying purchase info. Please provide your purchase details by Wednesday, Oct. 19/16 as we want to do our Shared Commission Payout by Friday, Oct. 21/16.

Have a profitable day every day!

John Kielec


Update for > April 8/16.

Adding Funds or Funding your ZAN account:
How to Add your Banner/Site to be promoted by ZAN:
How to get your Banner/Site and ZAN account ACTIVE:
Watch this (April 8/16) ZAN hangout >
(Please watch the first 15 minutes of that hangout)

In your ZAN member's area > Finances > Add Funds
- you will need to set up your PayToo account
- then under Your Personal Details
  you must ENTER the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS that you have with PayToo

Zukul Ad Network is still working out the launch errors and adding more functions to member's area.

Programmers are Currently Working on:
Adpacks & Commissions, most of the earnings are now showing.

Adding funds and transferring funds might be working on and off.

Please remember to Surf your 10 Ads Per Day in order to earn.

Soon you will have more videos done by me that will cover:
  • How to promote the DNP-ZAN-Team along with your personal ZAN link
  • How everyone will get paid out from our DNP-ZAN-TEAM Rev Share


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