The "AdsTraordinary" Login Ads offers very effective way to promote your offer.

My past and current tests prove that LOGIN ADS (using squeeze and/or capture pages) produce the most responsive prospects with higher conversion rate then any other advertising out there.

AdsTraordinary also offers the FASTEST way to EARN CASH ONLINE with Member 2 Member Payments.

LOGIN ADS ... Where The AdsTraordinary
                         becomes EXTRA ORDINARY advertising!



Extraordinary 100% DIRECT Payout
                        Member-2-Member Compensation Plan:

1 3 $5 $5 $15 $15
2 9 $10 $10 $90 $105
3 27 $20 $20 $540 $645
4 81 $50 $50 $4,050 $4,695
5 243 $100 $100 $24,300 $28,095
6 729 $200 $200 $145,800 $173,895
TOTAL $385 GRAND TOTAL $173,895

Payout is 100% on Six Levels Forced-Filled, Follow Sponsor - with Spillover and Spill Under
*You must upgraded to a Specific Level to earn on That Level

The DNP Ad Pak #3  - The BEST WAY To Start!

The NEW DNP Ad Pak #3 cost is $49.50

and would include PAID ENTRY into the 'AdsTraordinary' Login Ads advertising platform
at the level 1 - $5, level 2 - $10 and level 3 - $20.

Also you get 30 days of advertising
where DNP would promote your offer up to 500,000 cash buyers/prospects.

Plus DNP Done-For-You Marketing would promote your AdsTraordinary offer.

The entries from the DNP would go in a SINGULAR Downline Structure
to make it possible for those on level 1 to get their FIRST 3 members.
This is where it all starts and leads to over $170,000 income.

The DNP SINGULAR Downline Structure creates FASTER CASH
with Member 2 Member Direct Payment and automatically qualifies at the first 3 levels.
The rest of the AdsTraordinary 3 x 6 Forced Matrix will push others
into higher levels which would fill faster as well then doing it by yourself.

Order the DNP-AdsT Ad Pak #3 that will get you Login Ads advertising
with the SINGULAR Downline Placement that can REALLY speed your income!

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To understand how everything works in AdsTraordinary,
please watch Ron's short video:

How Your Login Ads Get Promoted, How To Get 6 Times Exposure and How You Earn Over $170,000! 

Update April 19/16 - Changes To The
DailyNetPay Ad Pak #3!

Update April 26/16 - DNP Ad Pak #3
Singular Downline Placements!