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News About New Owners and Company Transfer To Hong Kong!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

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This site contains news about the AGAM and its Marketing Company Questra World.
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AGAM Got Sold To Financial Holding Company
known as Asia Trade Group Limited

Please Do Not Panic ... this is Not Bad News ... There is a Reason Why?

To understand more, visit and watch this YouTube video:


The start of the video is the past presentations of many AGAM events worldwide.
You can
fast forward the video to 20:20 minutes to hear what will be going on with AGAM.

The NEW OWNER of AGAM - Mr. Heung Sup Han

Mr. Antoninou Vieira Robalo, current President of AGAM has been very ill and
this seems like it has been an issue for
some time. That may explain the challenges in
communications with AGAM on issues that some of us have experienced.

I am personally saddened to hear this news. Although I have only ever heard him on
the live conferences it is because of
his leadership that we have this amazing
AGAM passive
investment opportunity.

Behind the scenes, negotiations have been taking place and a new owner
Mr. Heung Sup Han has purchase AGAM and AGAM will be
a part of a major
Holding Company called Asia Trade.

I don't have any more details at this time other than what was outlined on the live conference.
this as a very good thing but it will have a few hiccups while the transition
occurs. Wait until we have additional
information that will be forth coming in the next few weeks.

AGAM is informing all its Investors and members that from November 07, 2017,
Atlantic Global Asset Management will
begin the Due Diligence procedure related to the sale
A.G.A.M. to a new owner - the financial holding company Asia Trade Group Limited
from the representative of Asia
Development Group.

The Due Diligence is a procedure for studying the A.G.A.M. company as an investment object,
which includes an
assessment of investment risks, an independent evaluation of the investment
object, a comprehensive study of the
company's activities, a comprehensive review and
a number of
other activities.

The Due Diligence procedure will take place as soon as possible within a period from 3 months.
For the time of Due Diligence and signing of all documents relating to the transfer of ownership
of Atlantic Global Asset Management to Asia Trade, the work of Atlantic Global Asset Management
will be temporarily suspended. All financial transactions for the depositing and withdrawal of funds,
the signing of contracts, as well as partial work of the Cabinet will be suspended.

Technical support and a number of employees will temporarily go on leave.
Suspension of the company’s work until the completion of the Due Diligence procedure of
Atlantic Global Asset Management is the standard procedure for the sale of the company,
therefore, dear partners, we ask you to treat with understanding to this procedure.

Atlantic Global Asset Management is moving to a new level of business players in the world
and begins its new way as part
of the financial holding company Asia Trade Group Limited,
which is ready and will continue the activity of A.G.A.M. with new views, ideas and aspirations
to make new victories globally.

The Questra World will be outlining new developments Nov. 12th with a briefing outlining
the 2017 results, a new format for
training Partners, a new Partners Program Upgrade,
the work
of Representatives and Consultants and much more. Two new Directors will be
introduced and they will take charge of
Asia and Africa.

This briefing will introduce a new training cycle which will begin on Dec 1st, 2017.
There will be six Sales Specialists
who will be available to us and a new 4 day online training
process will be introduced.

So, please stay calm while we receive updates and know that this is going to be a great
improvement with Mr. Han and his
Asia Trade leadership team at the helm.


My Opinion ...

Such actions among many companies do happen. I have witnessed many in my career.
Most of them were for the good and very few were not. I believe AGAM will become stronger
and better when everything is done. They are not 
disappearing and that is be the best part.
We just need to be little patience and let them do their work.

The AGAM office will be transferred to Hong Kong.
It seems that Hong Kong is becoming
a HOT SPOT for Trading
Companies. Our other Proven Passive Investment Company which
is part of the DNTcashFUND is YOTA which their main office is located in Hong Kong.
Next year if I will be visiting YOTA, now I can
visit AGAM as they will be in the same city.

The DNTcashFUND ... shares and entries into AGAM ... are temporarily suspended.

Those who Register for the first time in DNTcashFUND,
and pay their initial one time fee, they will get TWO YOTA ($100) shares instead Agam € 90 share.
Later when AGAM is back, any one can
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In such situation as AGAM is going through Sale Transfer, no income can be earned or withdrawn.
It is so nice to have DNTcashFUND as we Continue to Earn with our other Passive Income sources.

As always ... my Best!

John Kielec


Interesting read from a AGAM / Questra World leader!

Good morning fellow investors, agents and partners. It is now 48 hours after the Questra World live conference on the new direction that AGAM is going.

It is certain and normal that emotions and anger will flare when something like this happen. I am also certain that AGAM saw this coming too. But let us calm down a little to think.

If AGAM had thought about giving a notice in advance how all parties would have been affected?

First, there would have been triggered massive withdrawal of funds by investors and subsequently putting the company at risk of insolvency. Let me borrow from my experience as a banker. No bank informs any stakeholder of a takeover in advance. Not even staff were informed in advance. The reasons being so as to control rumors that could put the banks at risks. Usually in the bank we do everything quietly till the end before informing the customers and public and then apologize. AGAM cannot follow that approach because it’s a global institution. If it does, rumors will fly and the company will lose funds that will make it close down.

Secondly, the company buying will also withdraw if funds have been withdrawn by investors. Note that the reason why they are buying AGAM is due to its thriving business model, viability and trust by the investors. This will collapse if people massively withdraw funds.

As painful as it is for investors, it is for our good that this decision go this way. Let us accept it for once. They will be back stronger and better.

AGAM started as a small fintech company and I am sure they must have been overwhelmed by the magnitude of their success globally within a short time in the business. Companies struggle when they don’t have capacity to manage size that overwhelm their resources. It’s just normal to sell to a bigger company with the financial muscle to manage it. Unfortunately this is the first time in the history of Asset Management companies having to retail their products and services. Normally this line of business is exclusive only to the high networth individuals (HNIs) and I am sure the sheer size of the AGAM success in retailing their products to masses such as u and I overwhelmed their capacity and so needed to sell the company. Remember they tried to split the company to see if they can manage it but I guess that approach didn’t work because the company is growing so rapidly especially in Africa and Asia. Over 20,000 new investors join AGAM every week. It is not really easy to do business.

M & A (Merger and Acquisition) is very common in the Corporate world, so be used to it.

The temporary business suspension is needed for the new company to take stock (Euros) & (Dollars) of what AGAM has in transit or in the system and later the database migration. Any financial movement during this period will make this takeover unsuccessful.

It is very normal for people to panic due to previous failed experience in other companies, we understand but this scenario is very positive. We saw similar case in Europe & CIS regions when AGAM created a new company (Five Winds Asset Management Company) mainly to handle the European Union countries due to regulations. There were no payments or any financial transactions for the last few months and they are now almost 80% ready. Company did not run away but still pay weekly profits in the later stages and now some countries are ready to implement the payment gateway.

You can expect errors during this migration. What you need to do:

Login and take a snapshot of the dashboard summary in AGAM and also any withdrawals not yet approved. Copy out the transaction details.

Also login to Questra World and also take snapshot of the dashboard and your whole organization with their rank and sales volume. (Important to use laptop or desktop to do this. Mobile and Tablet has limited view and important data will be missing).

Let us hold it and stay focused having it at the back of our mind that our monies are safe and within 3 to 6 months we will be back again to make more money.

So how do we manage and mind this gap? I mean the 3 to 6 months pending resumption of business? This is what we should be thinking about now. Stay tuned while we work on something for everyone. We assure you this company is legit and have been very transparent right from the beginning.

See you at HONG KONG soon!