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URGENT - The HyperGrowthFX - Going Down!

Saturday, April 13/19.

I just happen to view today our HyperGrowthFX account which is linked with PAMM who have two pro traders (Team Shamu  and Team Gator) that do trades for all who join them. Well, I discovered a shocking stats in there, the account is going down day by day in the last 3 days and even on the weekend.

Something is wrong ... I have contacted the associated broker to have rest of the funds transfered back to my own trading account. Please watch the recorded video below to know what I am talking about:

John Kielec


The HypterGrowthFX - Professionals Do the Trades - Will NOT Use Them!


If you really want to know more about the Forex Trading, I would highly recommend to sign up for your FREE Portal and view all the educational videos they have inside the member's area. I love watching them. When it comes to actuall trades that their professionals do, I was little on the cautious side but following their trades for weeks shows that they are having somewhat above average trading success. If you sign up for your Free Portal, you can follow their weekly progess as well.

What the HyperGrowthFX offers is very simillar to the DNP-PTS accept you do not have to open any broker accounts, no complicated accounts set ups, no verification process and you do not have to put up few thousands of dollars to start. The DailyNetPay and its Private Trade Shares allow you to Earn from 0.1% and up to 0.5% daily, Monday - Friday and even more with trading BitCoin.

The SSL - Benjamin Trading Robot - After many tests, Robot is OUT!

This is the latest FX Software that I am testing and if it proves to be effective, it might be added to the DNP-PTS. I have purchased the software. It is not cheap and has a high monthly maintenance cost. All I can say it is NOT for everyone as it requires technical knowledge to set up. In my opinion is quite difficult but not possible. They do provide step by step instructions how to set up everything. I studied everything for 5 hours before I attempted to set up or install into my computer. It took me almost 9 hours to set up everything. I have tested this software with a $10,000 demo account and in 3 days has produced over $800 in profit. I have set the software for little higher risk then suggested. Now I am testing with real account and started with $3000 account. I will be testing this software with different settings from LOW RISK to MEDIUM RISK and risking up to 50% of the total account balance. I will test it for the next 30 days until my next monthly maintenance fee is due. If it earns enough cash to cover the monthly fee, I will continue for another month to find out if it is worth it. If my trades produce more profits, then I will quit using this software.

The Tested Trades listed below are only done with our 2nd Broker which is FXchoice. These trades DO NOT INCLUDE trades from our 1st Broker Oanda.

Test #1: March 19/19

John K (DNP-PTS) Trading              VS            SSL Software (80% Setting)
   Wins = 44   Loss = 1                                           Wins = 3   Loss = 1
In this test, I have produced more winning trades as I have traded very aggressively and have hit the $1000+ trading day. The SSL Software was set at the very conservative trading level (80%). In this case I have earned lot more.

Test #2: March 20, 21 and 22/19
John K (DNP-PTS) Trading              VS            SSL Software (70% Setting)
  Wins = 29   Loss = 10                                           Wins = 7   Loss = 1
Once again, I have traded very aggressively and had higher number of losing trades. The SSL Software even the setting changed to 70%, still have traded very conservatively. The SSL Software did not trade on March 22 as the markets were pretty volatile. I still came a head with more profits BUT I like the way the SSL Software is trading. Next week the SSL Software will be set to 60% (higher trading risk).


Test #3: March 25, 26, 27 with Setting at 60%. March 28 and 29/19 with Setting at 50%.
John K (DNP-PTS) Trading              VS            SSL Software (60% - 50% Setting)
     Wins = 91   Loss =  5                                                Wins =  4   Loss =  1

Final Summary: I have traded LOT MORE and have produced well over $2000 in profits as the SSL Software only eanred $41.20 with the same amount of dollar account balance. The SSL did not place any trades for March 28 and 29. I have to mention that I have traded Little Higher Lot Volume then SSL. This test #3 shows that the SSL is profitable but so far the Total Earnings will not even cover the cost of the monthly maintenance fee. I have used the SSL for 3 weeks now and the Earnings are Very Low, not even covering 50% of the monthly fee cost. I will be cancelling the SSL Software and will NOT use it as my tests have proven that my trades Earn Lot More Income which I earn my living from.