• Providing Advertising is the EASIEST way to earn online.
  • Every one who operates some kind of business needs advertising and traffic to their offers.
  • Quality Advertising is what EVERYONE looking for but Quality is Expensive.
  • Advertising is a BILLION Dollar per day business.
  • The DailyNetPay (DNP) provides 4 different Ad Paks at the Wholesale Cost which allows you to Earn Unbelievable Fast Income.

  • The DNP offers to Earn Direct and Instant Cash Payouts of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 and up to $5000 in referral commissions just from ONE member.


A Fully Automated Home Business
With "Done-For-You Marketing" Package
That Will Generate Interested Prospects,
Will Work With Those Prospects
And Will Even Close The Sales For You!

You Can Work It Online or Off-Line!


If you are Serious to Earn Real Income,
You Must Follow Steps Described Below!

The $170,000 Journey Starts Here

With The DNP Ad Pak #3!

Step 1.  To start out, you must join the DailyNetPay (DNP) Advertising Platform Ad Pak #3 which provides: Quality Advertising for 60 days to 500,000 Cash Buyers / Prospects plus 4 Login Ads with Unlimited Visitors. Here you will be placed into a fully automated system where it will start earning INSTANT and DIRECT cash payments of $5, $10 and $30. This is where the $170,000 Income Journey Begins. All of this for one time cost of $49.50.

  • Quality Advertising for 60 days to 500,000 Cash Buyers / Prospects. You can promote any offer or business of your choice.
  • 4 Login Ads with Unlimited Visitors for life. Three login ads are used to promote the DNP, the 3 IN 1 System and the DNP-MoneyLine Marketing. You get 1 login ad to promote any offer or business of your choice. 
  • Placement into a Fully Automated Done-For-You Marketing System where it will start generating INSTANT and DIRECT cash payments of $5, $10 and $20, totaling in INSTANT $35 commissions.
  • Additional Advertising without any extra cost  in our Highly Effective Top Rated Co-op Promotions.
  • All of the above for ONE Time low cost of $49.50.
In order for businesses to grow and profit, they MUST CONTINUOUSLY PRMOTE. This applies to our DNP business as well. This is why I suggest to start out (especially if you are low on cash) with the purchase of the DNP Ad Pak #2 as it provides the Done-For-You (DFY) Marketing System and delivers that CONTINUOUS advertising. Many people try to earn cash online but most of them Fail, this is mostly due to lack of advertising. Most do not know how to promote effectively. Our Done-For-You Marketing System takes care of that for you.

Step 2.  You can do this right away (highly recommended) to get additional advertising to 500,000 cash buyers/prospects or do it about 40 to 50 days after your DNP Ad Pak #3 purchase. Your DNP Ad Pak #3 above runs for 60 days and after that it will expire. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ADVERTISING TO STOP or EXPIRE. Continuous Advertising IS A TOTAL MUST, it is the key to success and business growth. Before your DNP Ad Pak #3 expires (you can see your expiry date when you login to your DNP member's area right at the top), purchase the DNP Ad Pak #2 from your DNP member's area section UPGRADE. The DNP Ad Pak #2 includes:

  • 30 days of advertising to 500,000 cash buyers/prospects.

  • You can promote 1 offer or business of your choice.

  • The DNP Ad Pak #2 allows you to build a residual income where you earn $10 instant commissions on your personally sponsored members (level 1) and $5 on their personally sponsored members (level 2). Here many members earn from $400 up to $1200 per month income and getting paid as often as daily.
  • Will keep your DNP Ad Pak #3 Active and Qualify you to keep earning up to $35 INSTANT Payments from the AdsTraordindary Login Ads. As you continue with the DNP Ad Pak #2, you will always get additional advertising to 500,000 extra cash buyers/prospects.

  • Will keep you active with Additional Advertising without any extra cost in our Highly Effective Top Rated Co-op Promotions that we constantly test and add new ones.

  • The DNP Ad Pak #2 and its Done-For-You Marketing will place Paid Members into your DNP business. Please note this placement can take little time but they will come. Some might arrive withing few weeks and others within few months.
  • The DNP Ad Pak #2 is a monthly subscrpition of $29.95 and we pay out over 50% of its fee in referral commissions and the rest goes to advertising your business.

Step 3.  The GlobalMoneyLine (GML) - get FREE, FRESHEST and HOT leads every minute directly into your member's area. To be part of this 3 IN1 Auto Advertising System you must join the GML at the Bronze level. It is one time $20 cost and will allow you to send your text message in groups of 20 to hundreds, thousands and eventually to lot more hottest leads every day. The DNP has a proven to work marketing package especially designed for the MoneyLine. Once you have purchased your DNP Ad Pak #3 (step #1 above), and you became a Bronze level member of the MoneyLine, the DNP will set up your OWN DNP-MoneyLine Marketing System that you will be able to use to promote to those Freshest leads that arrive every minute in your GlobalMoneyLine.

To view what's included and how it works, click on the link below:


Your Full $170,000 Journey Starts Here
Where It Can Earn You INSTANT Daily Cash Payouts Of
$5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200
And Up To $5000 In Commissions Per ONE Referral!

(this offer only applies to the DNP Ad Pak #4)

The best way to start is by purchasing the DNP Ad Pak #4. This is our BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE Advertising Business Package that offers EVERYTHING a business needs to start out with at least 90 days of different types of advertising. This package retails for over $800 but through our DNP Ad Pak #4, you get it for less then $500. In the DNP Main Site, click How It Works and check out the DNP Ad Pak #4.

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